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Workers' comp insurance| The top 10 workers’ insurance companies at the beginning of 2024

Workers' Comp Insurance

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Workers' Comp Insurance

This topic reveals the best companies in the country that offer the best workers' comp insurance policies. Even if you have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of your employees, work accidents can occur unexpectedly.

Although most of these accidents are minor, major accidents can be costly to the company and the affected employees, which highlights the importance of having workers' compensation insurance.

Top 10 Workers' Comp Insurance Companies at the Beginning of 2024

After a screening period that included in-depth interviews and employee surveys, these companies were successful and were recognized as the best workers' insurance providers in the country.

1. Arch Insurance

Arch Insurance has a team specialized in excess workers' compensation insurance. The team consists of insurance experts and claims specialists. The company has also provided a comprehensive range of coverages to insured companies for more than two decades.

Arch Insurance is now the 19th largest workers' insurance company in the United States, according to a recent report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

2. AmTrust Financial

AmTrust Financial Services is the third largest provider of workers' compensation coverage in the United States, with approximately $3.2 billion in direct written premiums. The company works closely with small and medium-sized businesses to offer customized packages that fit their needs.

In addition to workers' compensation insurance, AmTrust offers free workplace safety training resources, including video content and informational articles, through its Loss Control division.

3. Applied Underwriters

Applied Underwriters offers workers' compensation insurance and employers' liability coverage. The company has certified workers' compensation insurance and offers complementary products and services such as solutions that combine workers' insurance, payroll processing, and risk mitigation programs, along with extended employer coverage.

4. Chubb

Chubb is listed as the fifth-largest workers' insurance player in the U.S., with the company offering excess workers' compensation insurance policies to companies that self-insure.

5. Employers

Employers has been offering workers' compensation coverage to small businesses for more than a century, with the company operating a 24-hour, multilingual claims reporting center as well as software for easier payroll entry and audit processing, along with a return-to-work program to help reduce employee downtime.

The top 10 workers’ insurance companies at the beginning of 2024

6. Encova

Encova offers customized workers' compensation coverage, specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses that prefer to remain self-insured as its flagship product has many innovative features.

7. FFVA Mutual

FFVA Mutual writes workers' compensation insurance for 280 qualifying class codes in 10 states and offers policies in approximately 30 states, making it the 24th largest workers' compensation insurance company in the U.S. Its clients also benefit from safety guidelines and a dedicated claims management team.

8. ICW

ICW is a commercial insurance company ranked 16th among the nation's top workers' insurance providers. It underwrites $978.6 million worth of documents, and offers its clients access to a risk management team and online safety training resources.

9. Lion Insurance

Lion Insurance offers coverage in 21 states through PEO and Lion policies offer comprehensive coverage for several industries and offer programs to reduce injuries and control claims costs.

10. Markel

Markel Specialty's workers' compensation insurance policy offers broad coverage for many industries, relies on a paperless system to speed up claims settlements, and Markel is the 22nd largest workers' compensation insurance company in the United States.


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