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How do insurance agents make money? small business insurance

How do insurance agents make money

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how do insurance agents make money? small business insurance

Insurance agents can make a comfortable living by selling insurance policies and this is a general fact. However, the things behind the profit process are not always clear.

This guide highlights many aspects of the insurance business. We'll give you an overview of the ways insurance agents make their income, review factors that may impact their ability to turn a profit, and also ask whether selling insurance is a good career path.

If you consider yourself a beneficiary of insurance services and are seeking to understand how well your agent earns his or her commission, this article may help you understand the process as insurance professionals can share this topic with their clients to comprehensively explain aspects of an insurance agent's work.

Is it possible to make money as an insurance agent?

In general, insurance agents earn income from commissions. However, there are several other means through which they can generate revenue, and now we will review these various means in this section.

Insurance commissions

Most insurance agents get paid through commissions. For auto and home policies, family insurance agents may earn about 5% to 10% of the total premiums paid for the first year, while independent agents earn a decidedly higher percentage.

At the same time, life insurance agents receive upfront commissions ranging from 40% to 120% of the first year’s premiums, which is the highest in the industry. Although renewal rates have dropped significantly, there are also some agents who no longer receive commissions after the third year. You can learn more in our guide to how much life insurance agents make.

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Insurance salary

Many insurance agents work as full-time employees in insurance companies and although they receive fixed wages according to their contracts, some of them earn additional revenue through commissions according to the deals they achieve. Insurance agents who receive salaries may only be required to pay the amount agreed upon with the insurance company or their agency. For the specified period, however, their performance also depends on the number of policies they are able to sell.

Insurance profit sharing

Some insurance companies implement profit-sharing programs with their partner agencies. When these agencies meet specific revenue targets, insurance providers typically reward them with a percentage of premiums written or earned as a bonus.

How much do insurance agents make?

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the average salary for insurance agents is $79,650 per year and although entry-level salaries may be lower, those with experience in the industry and a strong client network can make salaries exceeding six figures.

What are the benefits of becoming an insurance agent?

What makes a career as an insurance agent attractive as a career path is the great opportunity to generate strong revenues. Since many insurance agents earn their income through commissions, it also means that individuals with an excellent work ethic and dedication to building strong client relationships will be generously rewarded in the future. Accelerated income form.


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